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portrait2I'm the mother of three and the grandmother of three. I love anything to do with the outdoors; fishing, hunting, gardening, etc. I've been a nurse for 30+ years. My interest in Natural Health started in the early '90s after a chiropractor that was a Kinesiologist turn around my severe PMS and my 3-year-old daughter's chronic ear infections. I couldn't read enough on the topic of natural health, from diet changes, herbs, to Flower Essences, etc. I became a Healing Touch practitioner in 1995 and a Reiki Master/Teacher a year later. While reading a Holistic magazine I found an ad for the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education and went to check it out. I started in the program in the fall of 2005, passed the National Certification for Naturopaths, and graduated in January 2010. It is my honor to serve the people of Northern Michigan with natural health options.

Health Effects of Microwaves

Reprinted from Perceptions Magazine, June 1996 - unable to locate the source

Microwave cooking ovens were originally researched and developed by German scientists to support mobile operations during the invasion of the Soviet Union. Had they perfected electronic equipment to prepare meals on a mass scale, the Nazis could have eliminated the logistical problems connected with cooking fuels while producing edible products in far less time than they could use traditional campfires.

After the war, the Allies discovered the medical research and documentation concerning those apparatuses. The papers and experimental microwave equipment were transferred to the U.S. War Department and classified for reference and scientific investigation. The Soviet Union also retrieved some of the devices and began an experiment on them separately.

Nutritional Consultations

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Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food

For maximum health benefit, the food we eat should be consumed in the form nature intended. Our food chain has been dramatically altered by herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, GMO's, irradiation, and more so the nutritional value is minimal to none. Call for an appointment to look at how you can maximize health with simple dietary changes.